Superior Durability


Long-term Performance

FRP composites have been successfully used over the past 50 years in a wide range of industrial applications. Proper selection of constituent materials, design, and fabrication process determines the durability of FRP composites. Although various constituents can be affected by environmental conditions, properly designed FRP composite structures using appropriate safety factors, protective additives, and configuration of selected materials, provide a high level of durability under very harsh environmental conditions. 


An Example of Durability

ACT's composite timbers have proven themselves over the long-term in extremely aggressive environments. In the early 1990's, a 2,200 foot-long boardwalk of ACT's extruded FRP composite timber was installed at Port Lavaca, a Texas Gulf port city near Houston. This region is known for its scorching sun, unbearable humidity, high winds and plenty of airborne salt/sand. The structure has remained unchanged since initial installation over 25 years ago in this harsh, Gulf coast environment.