ACT Composite Timber Specifications


To download an ACT recycled lumber product specification guide, click here.


ACT recycled lumber is composed of recycled plastic, fiberglass rockwool strands and select additives which offer a choice of colors and UV stabilization. These materials and additives are combined through an extrusion process into continuous, homogenous sections. The combination of plastic, fiberglass and additives creates a product which is superior to its individual components. The plastic component of the composite imparts the benefits of corrosion resistance to environmental elements and provides moisture resistance that damages other types of materials. The fiberglass is the key to ACT Recycled Lumber's strength and high impact resistance. The additives, such as UV protection and pigment guarantee that ACT recycled lumber will achieve superior durability and retain its color and aesthetic quality for years to come.

ACT Recycled Lumber Products are available in a wide array of standard nominal lumber profiles that are suitable for a broad variety of applications. You can install ACT recycled lumber using common woodworking tools, however we recommend using carbide tipped blades/bits, as fiberglass may dull regular steel. Plus, you can expect your installation to last for years beyond what you would normally expect for treated wood as well as have the strength and impact resistance that surpass that of unreinforced plastic products.

Click here for specification data for ACT recycled lumber. Additional Test Lab Reports are available by request.


Chemical Resistance

High density polyethylene and fiberglass each have a high resistance to most acids and chemicals and petroleum-based products. ACT Plastic Lumber is not affected by exposure to most substances. 


Ultraviolet Weathering

An ultraviolet stabilizer is incorporated at the time of manufacture. It protects the plastic from ultraviolet light degradation and ensures that the outside of the product will not degrade or fade in exterior applications. 


Creep Data

Creep data show the deflection amount in percent strain from a load being applied to a specimen of plastic lumber over time. ACT Composite Timbers have low deflection when a load is first applied and also over time, making ACT a superior choice in applications with higher structural demands. 



ACT Composite Timbers resist warping due to the sun and "board creep" suffered by non-reinforced plastic lumber due to hot and cold weather conditions.